Vietnam’s shift from a centrally planned economy to a market economy has transformed the country into one of the most dynamic emerging economies in East Asia.  Continued economic growth is expected to increase demand for more skill-intensive, non-manual and non-routine jobs.  As a result, the need for promotion of human resources and skills development (particularly skills for modern industry and innovation) has been identified as one of the essential solutions for sustainable economic development. 

Evolve Global Solutions Ltd has been working closely with partner Proskills to help them develop a new and innovative model of skills development with industry giant Viglacera Corporation.

Viglacera Corporation is one of the leading companies in the building material industry in Vietnam with regards to production capacity, product types, designs and quality satisfying many market segments from ordinary to luxury. Products of the Corporation contributed to USD 20 millions export turnover/year of the whole construction sector with the product presence in over 40 countries in the world.

Evolve Global Solutions Ltd were commissioned to support Proskills and Viglacera to train over 50 teachers to match UK standards of teaching and learning in a vocational setting. As well as teacher development we worked to support curriculum development, implement quality assurance and quality improvement framework and created a programme for soft skills delivery that would ensure that students are given the best possible chances to enter the job market.

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